About Us

Rural Outlook for University Students Towards Allied Health

  • Open to students of the University of South Australia, Adelaide SA
  • The club was formed in 1996 and membership is steadily increasing.

There are 28 Rural Health Clubs (RHCs) nationally, with at least one RHC in every state and territory. RHCs aim to promote rural and remote practice to their members through information exchange, placement opportunities, support and advocacy.

All Rural Health Clubs have a multi-disciplinary focus and run a number of activities each year in order to promote rural and remote health careers to their members.  These activities provide fun and educational experiences for students and may include trips to rural and remote areas, club BBQs, Rural High School Visits, cultural awareness training, Indigenous health nights, Indigenous Community Festival attendance, guest speaker nights, clinical skills evenings, social events and lots more.

As a ROUSTAH member, you will have access to:

  • Scholarships
  • Local and national conferences
  • Clinical skills days
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Rural High School Visits
  • Indigenous Community Engagement Activities
  • Social events e.g Camps & workshops

ROUSTAH Committee Members

President: Jenny Han

Vice President: Eerin Wilson

Secretary/Treasurer: James Park

Senior NRHSN Rep: Sopor Tan

Junior NRHSN Rep: Ali Jawad

Co-RHSV Coordinator: Nicole Biggs

Co-RHSV Coordinator: Abbey Barrett

Co-RHSV Coordinator: Louise Lynch

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Coordinator: Sopor Tan

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Coordinator: Nicole Biggs

Rural Camp Coordinator: Eerin Wilson

Co-Nursing Representative: Abbey Barrett

Co-Nursing Representative: Nicole Biggs

Co-Allied Health Representative: Krystle Crouch

Co-Allied Health Representative: Jessica Sullivan

Regional Representative (Mt Gambier): Eerin Wilson

Events Coordinator: Krystle Crouch

Marketting Coordinator: Amy Flavell

We are currently seeking a Regional Representative (Whyalla). If you are interested in either of these positions please email roustah@nrhsn.org.au

(Last updated 4/04/2019)