Event Review: AGM Dinner

The Greenhouse turned into the Funhouse on Saturday October 17, where SPINRPHEX committee, students of all disciplines and the lovely AGM sponsors congregated to dine and wine.

We began with delectable appetizers which started off the night well feeding ravenous tummies. The setting was low-lit and exuded an air of homeliness, which served to exacerbate discussion and the consumption of more finger licking goodies.

Being seated by the friendly staff, we ordered our mains, which consisted of 3 options. Salmon, lamb or vegetable curry. The food was great. Afterwards the 2015 SPINRPHEX president Madeleine Gordon gave a speech, which pulled some heartstrings. She will be surely missed and her 3 years of service to this club will definitely be a difficult feat to match by the new president, a returning member of the SPIN committee; Mr. Andrew Michael. Vice president Lynne Labrat also gave a speech dedicated to the former president, which served to show the strength of the camaraderie formed by participating in this club.

Dessert came quickly, but not as quick as it disappeared. The condensed milk mousse with salted caramel sauce seemed to go down easily. The night was still young, with plenty planning to head down to the Hip-E club for an unofficial after party.

It wasn’t all fantastic food; we did perform some necessary business, with the formal introduction of the new committee and the relinquishment of the old committee. It was bittersweet. It was a lovely night overall, with plenty of fun, food and friends.

So its time to say farewell to the old committee, and lets give a warm welcome to the new committee. Long live SPINRPHEX and all they do. 


Sittichai Rees

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer 


2015 Committee - AGM

Many thanks to the 2015 Committee for all their hard work over the past 12 months

2016 Committee - AGM

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