So you’re thinking of joining TROHPIQ (Towards Rural & Outback Professionals in Queensland) the best University Student’s Rural Health based in Brisbane? Great choice!

Please complete the form below to become a member of TROHPIQ Rural Health Club and join in the fun! Once your membership has been approved you’ll have membership access to this site and you’ll be able to sign in using the email address and password you supply below.

First of all, there are a few things you should know about us.

  1. Our membership is for health students only
  2. Our membership is from Universities in southern-central Queensland, currently including;
    1. University of Queensland (UQ)
    2. Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
    3. University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
    4. Central Queensland University (CQU)
    5. Sunshine Coast University (SCU)

If you meet those criteria – great! We’d love to have you, please continue reading.

If you’re not sure you meet those criteria, but would still like to be a part of TROHPIQ – great! Please stop here, and contact for more information.

Reasons to join TROHPIQ

  • Go away on many subsidised trips to regional and rural Queensland
  • Take part in our legendary skills days
  • Social events – Beauties & Bowties Gala, Midnight Muster, BBQs, + more
  • Financial support to attend amazing rural conferences around Australia
  • Rural careers information and advice
  • Representation to the peak national rural students’ body – NRHSN
  • + many more

Here at TROHPIQ, we believe that at $20 for life, is the best value club that you will ever join. The opportunities of trips, conferences, skills days, to name a few, is unrivalled.

To join

Step One: Please fill out the QPAY form

Step Two: Fill out the NRHSN form. ***Please scroll halfway down the page to complete this***

Step Three: You’re done. Please wait a week or two for the bank transfer to finalise, and for your membership to be activated. Thanks for joining.

Final advice. Get involved in TROHPIQ. We offer many great events, but you will get much more out of coming along to our meetings, and joining the management or executive team. Email for details.


Q: I don’t have internet banking?

A: Try one of your friends, or your parents. Still having trouble – email

Q: I’m a RAMUS Scholar, or I require proof of membership to claim my scholarship!

A: Please screenshot your bank transfer, and email to obtain an official letter of membership. This is not standard, and requires a specific request.

By registering you:

  • Acknowledge that it is your responsibility to have Medical Indemnity Insurance when attending any TROHPIQ event (e.g. Skills Day). Although TROHPIQ will support you in every way possible, we can take no responsibility for any injuries sustained whilst attending our events. TROHPIQ endorses MDA National. Sign up for free Medical Indemnity for Students with MDA.
  • Give consent to TROHPIQ to photograph, film and then use, reproduce, and publish said images of yourself from TROHPIQ events.
  • Will automatically become a student member of the Rural Doctors Association of Queensland (RDAQ) (MBBS members only)

If you have any concerns or questions, please email:



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